5 Brightest Diamond Cuts to Style Yourself in 2019

Diamonds are the best gift for any occasion. All the important decisions of your life require you to add a little bit of diamond in it. Buying presents for engagements, weddings, anniversaries or birthdays, you can never go wrong with a diamond. There is an array of ornaments among the diamond jewelry. They can be part of rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. Diamonds go way back, but new types of cuts have been introduced over time, making them more beautiful than ever. These cuts are carved in with specific angles, and proportions, making diamonds reflect light as much as possible. Here are 5 most popular cuts to have this season:

Cushion Cut:

Cushion Cut
Due to its shape as a cushion, this diamond is famous for its round corners and square center. Its impeccable design makes it highly suitable for engagement rings. It has a brilliant appearance. The larger facet causes more dispersion of light, making it sparkle brightly and different than others. It is used primarily in rings, but many designers use it for other ornaments and create splendid motifs.

Princess Cut:

The next is the all-time famous princess cut diamond named by its creator- Israel Itzkowitz. Due to its square shape, it seems larger than the round cut. It has several facets, which makes it extremely shiny and extraordinary. This kind of cut is always in for rings and earrings. It’s best for women who want to shine in the room from a distance.

Trillion Cut:

Trillion Cut
Trillion cut is referred to all the triangular cuts that can be seen in diamonds. There are further classifications in the trillion cut. There can be curved trillion cut or straight trillion cut or just triangular cut. They are famous because of their unique shapes. Trillion cut can praise your jewelry in all forms; rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets, etc. People who have a simpler taste usually opt for this cut of a diamond.

Pear Cut:

Pear cut diamonds are prettiest if cut properly. It is a combination of round and marquise stones. It makes your hand look more elegant. The pointed end always directs towards the hand of the wearer. It is a vintage cut and exhibits bondage and emotions. Also known as tear-drop cut, they are most popular among engagement rings for having the characteristic of connection among people.

Radiant Cut:

Radiant Cut
They are one of the most beautiful cuts in diamonds. Having cut properly, they shine the brightest and have tons of sparkle. They have a rectangular shape and are even more famous than the princess cut and cushion cut. It is a popular choice for every kind of jewelry and does justice to its name. Women love the radiant cut diamond for its classic and versatile look.

Many women want to adorn themselves with a unique and sparkling piece of jewelry. A diamond can make you look elegant and make you stand out in the crowd. There are endless possibilities when it comes to diamonds. Cuts are the most important part of diamonds that make them distinct. Everyone is different, so is their style. Consider the hand that will wear it as a ring and the ears that will wear it as earrings. Choose the kind that will compliment your appearance.
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